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About The Process

Check out our Ceramic Coating Process.

We Make Your Car SHINE like New

What we stand for 

Hot Wax Garage stands for pride, detail, and quality! Making sure that your expectations are met. Your satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.

Although our industry has gone through many changes over time, we remain constant. At Hot Wax Garage these include but are not limited to:

Pride: In every service we offer, we always put quality before volume.

Detail: We treat your vehicle as if it was our own, ensuring the best possible detailing services in the industry

Quality: In-Service and Products. We only use products with a proven track record. Most products are tested here at Hot Wax Garage to ensuring their excellent performance. 

As part of Hot Wax Garage’s promise of satisfaction, we happily provide continued care to those consumers using our products.

Let us know how we can help you make your vehicle look better than “factory new”!


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We offer excellent products for both AutoDetailing  professionals and enthusiast

My name is Paul F. Sciberras AKA Sir Hot Wax have been a detailer for over 30 years. At Hot Wax Garage we only sell what works in the real world of detailing.

My on-hand experience is a win-win for the consumer. Selling only products that I use and that are proven to work. We brought in more cool products and tools. That will come in handy while working and maintaining your car. Shipping is fast same day or the next day and will answer all emails asap.

Thank you for your support and we will support you in any way we can. Our mission is to help our clients passion for detailing. Hot Wax Garage believes in ” Detailers supporting Detailers ” let us know how we can help you.

Protect Your Investment!

Precision Through Passion

In over 30 years in Auto reconditioning and Detailing, we have not seen anything as durable and long-lasting as Ceramic Coatings.
I am a Certified Ceramic Pro Auto Spa. At Hot Wax Garage we only use Ceramic Pro Coatings for the best lasting result

2017 Porsche Boxster

This 2017 Boxster bought by our client in 2001 was in great shape but did not have that new feel at 40k miles. Paint correction wheels off followed by coating every surface to bring it back to better shine and protection t then the day it left the showroom

2012 Ford F150

Detailed by Hot Wax Garage Prep is everything . Cleaning and detailing an older car to a Ceramic Coating standard is no easy task. This 8 year old truck, while in good condition, still needed the paint and trim restored to that better than original shine yet respect the clear coat thickness and not take too much off so the last for 8 more years. To achieve this we did a two step paint correction followed by Ceramic Pro Silver Plus. Keep post for next video where the bed cover gets a detailed and restored to the org black satin.

2020 Chevy Corvette

2020 Chevy Corvette ceramic coating exterior, engine bay, complete interior including dash, carpets and console Delivering precision through passion for over 30 years.

2017 Shelby Ceramic Pro Gold Package “ The Process “

We get calls for quotes all the time and it very difficult to impossible to quote without looking at the car in person and in most cases you have to at least wash the car. After washing the car, see more paint correction issues and yet even more as you go through the paint correction process.

The audio explains all the steps it takes to successfully install a Ceramic Pro Coating. The paint decontamination process is the same for all the cars we do at Hot Wax Garage even for cars come straight from the dealership. New cars also have paint issues as they get nicked or sit outside in the elements.

The amount of paint correction varies. It can be a simpler 1 step but may require up to 4 steps. It depends entirely on what the car has been through. Does it sit outside? How has it been washed? What other care has been put into the car? and so on…


To achieve the best results requires a lot of prep work from washing the car correctly, taping it, being mindful of compound dust and splatter. This is what we consider when prepping our cars. If not prepared properly, you will never get any of this out of the crevices.

Glass well get get clayed hand or machine polished before coated

Wheels Calipers and Wheel well area get clean and de-greased so the Ceramic Coating can bond correctly.

A large portion of the labor is in prep and the Ceramic Coating brings the art of Detailing to a superior level of shine. Not every detailer out there can do Ceramic Coatings. It takes know-how and pure passion to accomplish great results.

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Delivering precision through passion for over 30 years.

2017 Ferrari 488 Spider Ceramic Pro Coated

After a thorough wash it got the following. Prep is just as important as the coating. You cannot do a Ceramic Coating properly without the proper prep work. This is a Costum Ceramic Pro Silver Package was specially designed for this client needs
Step 1. Paint Decontamination
Step 2. Paint Correction
Step 3. One Coat of Ceramic Pro 9H
Step 4.One Coat of Ceramic Pro Light
Step 5. Two Coat of Rain on all Glass
Step 6 Deep clean interior panels and leather
Step 7. Interior Sprayed with Ceramic Pro Leather
Step 8. All chrome and carbon Fiber Interior pieces coated with 9H
Step 9. All carpet and matts coated with Ceramic Pro Textile
Step 10. Door jambs coated with Ceramic Pro Light
Step 11. Wheel faces Wheel Barrels Calipers and Reachable suspension coated with two coats of 9H
Step 12 Wheel faces Wheel Barrels Calipers and Reachable suspension coated with one coat of light

Mustang GT By Hot Wax Garage

2015 GT Mustang gets a much need love. 2 Step Polish Wheels off package , Ceramic Pro Gold Package all trim Sprayed with Cramic Pro Plastic. Car looks amazing

xxxxxxx By Hot Wax Garage

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