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WATER SPRITE ® is an exclusive proven PVA material that gently cleans and the surface, leaving it clean and dry. It is not affected by mildew, bacteria or common immediately upon removal from its package.

Perfect for your car and you can get a second one for you house for wiping all your surfaces for counter tops to your appliances

Store in a container or in a zip lock bag and keep it moist.

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Stays Soft and Flexible 

DRAGON GLIDE  is created by a new advanced patent pending technology. DRAGON GLIDE is a soft and flexible cloth which features high absorption and excellent GLIDE for streak free drying of all surfaces. Use DRAGON GLIDE dry, or damp or with soapy water to clean and wash. Use DRAGON GLIDE dry to dust. DRAGON GLIDE has outstanding drying, dusting, cleaning, and washing power due to the construction of the fiber. DRAGON GLIDE is a non-woven material providing flexibility in use.


  • Easily glides across surface for amazingly fast drying
  • Superior absorbency & durability and stays soft when dry
  • Water easily wring out
  • Cleans without the use for chemicals
  • DG50 720 sq in.


DYRING INSTRUCTIONS: For optimal absorption, while drying dampen with water and wring out, then you are ready to dry. Either pull the opened DRAGON GLIDE across the surface or fold and                                                           dry

CARE: After each use : Rinse the DRAGON GLIDE with warm water ( maximum of 140 Fahrenheit, 60 Celsius ) for 10-15 seconds to flush out dirt. If the DRAGON BLIDE  is used daily, it should be machine-washed frequently. Rinse the DRAGON GLIDE first to remove excess dirt. Then wash in a washing machine using warm water. Do not use bleach it will damage the fibers) or fabric softener ( it will clog the fibers ) Do not machine dry- air dry the DRAGON GLIDE



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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 9.5 × .20 in