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3D Poxy Montan Wax Sealant High Gloss Protection

3D Poxy is a hybrid paint sealant/wax designed to bond to the painted surface. This Montan wax-based product has a higher melting point and will last longer than a carnauba-based product. It will enhance the appearance of your vehicle and create an ultimate wet-look shine. Works exceptionally well on light and dark color paints.

The melting point of Montan Wax is 210 degrees Vs. Carnauba Wax 11o degrees

Product Details

3D Car Care’s POXY is the ultimate choice for those who demand nothing but the best for their vehicle. This high-performance Montan wax sealant is designed to provide your car with unparalleled protection and a stunning glossy finish. POXY is the perfect wax solution for protecting brand-new cars. Top coat protection after polishing and meticulously cared for and maintained.

With its unique blend of synthetic polymers and Montan wax, POXY forms a protective barrier that is tough on the elements yet gentle on your car’s paint. This sealant wax delivers a slick, slippery finish that not only looks great but also makes subsequent cleaning tasks easier and safer by reducing the likelihood of scratching.

One of the most significant advantages of using 3D POXY is its non-staining formula. Unlike some other waxes and sealants, it won’t leave unsightly marks on non-painted plastic parts of your vehicle, which means you don’t have to worry about patchy spots or discoloration.

The application process is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether you prefer to apply it by hand or with a machine, POXY goes on smoothly and comes off just as easily without any sticky residue. This makes it a practical choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional detailers.

HOT WAX GARAGE is not just a seller on eBay and our site. We still need details, and here is our experience with Poxy.

We had a 2022 Black BMW 750i at the shop for a one-step paint correction and to apply a protection coat. We went with 3D One for polishing. Within the first 5 minutes, I could see how much easier the job would be with 3D One, which has a long working time and is dust-free. So, when it came to Poxy, I was skeptical, but to my surprise, I fell in love with it. It goes on, stays wet, and does not dust at all. When the job was finished, the car looked and felt like it was coated with a ceramic product. That was not all. We researched Poxy and found that it’s great on glass. The glass had light water spots you only see when buffing the glass dry. So I tried it and started to see the water lines disappearing. This is great news because using chemicals to remove water spots on car glass can be challenging with the heat if you’re outside on a hot day or itching and staining trim parts such as Mercedes glass trim. Now, you can do this while waxing the car. No extra rinsing is necessary, and there is more good news: Poxy does not stain trim and rubber. This allowed me to get all the water spots up to the fine, tight trim around the BMW glass and did not stain the rubber white. All this while the product smells great.

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We also recommend using a high-quality, Quality Absorbent Microfiber. It will make taking off the Poxy easier as it stays a little wet. Check our store for microfiber towels or Clay Bars you may need.

Try out an 8oz bottle. You will be back for more.


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